How to Beat Candy Crush Level 33

Here are the steps on how to beat candy crush level 33. This level is tough, really tough. Especially for so early in the game. We have the tips to beat Candy Crush Level 33!

Candy Crush Saga is the revolutionary game created by King, and if you are visiting this site then you have already started playing Candy Crush. In the first few Candy Crush levels, you begin learning the tricks on how to get striped candies and how to create combos. If you have not mastered this yet, then Level 33 on Candy Crush is going to be very hard for you.

The first step to beating level 33 of Candy Crush is to understand where to start. This is a jelly level with the clusters of candies in 4 quadrants. Start on the bottom right quadrant to maximize the destruction as the candies drop.

You need to focus on putting together combos, without these combos you will not beat Candy Crush Level 33. The Wrapped Candies are the best to take out the jellies, so try to put a Wrapped Candy in each quadrant. If possible, the mixture of a wrapped candy and a striped candy will cause the most damage to the jelly.

candy crush level 33By far the best way to beat this level is to put a sprinkle candy with a striped candy. Be sure to mix them when there are the most amount of colors of the striped candy on the board. This will maximize damage and take out the jelly. Remember, you need to hit each jelly twice and the bottom right will be the most difficult to hit, so start there.

As always, play candy crush on your mobile and on a desktop to maximize lives and also take advantages of boosts when you have them.

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