Level 33 Candy Crush Solution

Candy Crush makers really frustrated us with creating Level 33. But follow these steps to the Level 33 Candy Crush Solution!

candy crush level 33 solutionStep 1: Do not follow the flashing candies. You only have a limited number of moves, and the candy crush suggestions are 99 times out of 100 not the best suggestion. That is unless that is the only suggestion.

Step 2: Start from the bottom right quadrant and work your way up, then to the bottom left. This way you will get the Candies in the other sections with consequential 3′s and 4′s matches while you are focused on the bottom right.

Step 3: Scan the other quadrants looking for matching 4′s or the AMAZING 5 matches that can wrap the candies. The only way to beat this level is to wrap candies and get lucky with the striped candies.

Step 4: Be patient! If you can wait to try and connect a wrapped candy with a striped candy, then you can take out a dozen jellies with a single move. This will be clutch as you are trying to clear out the jelly.

Step 5: Be patient! Ok, we know step 4 was “be patient” but you will not beat this in the first try. If in fact you do beat this in the first try, go buy a powerball lottery ticket cause you are the luckiest person on the planet! For the rest of you, be patient, your time will come. You will beat this level.

And if you want to quit, just note that the levels get easier after this level and then they get really hard! Enjoy this level while you can cause soon you will want to throw your phone!

The Level 33 Candy Crush Solution conclusion is to be patient and wait for a miracle to drop. Start in the bottom right and work your way up to the top left, while waiting on 4′s and 5′s to become available. Then match up the striped with the wrapped candies.

BOOM Level 33 conquered!


  1. Incredible quest there. What happened after?

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